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WOW! Now 90,000 Homes and a staggering 170,000 potential readers every month*
Knocks spots off the rest!

Picture showing areas covered by Spotlight Magazine

Yes, that's right!

Difficult to believe maybe - but it’s true - a staggering 90,000 homes and 170,000 readers every month! That beats all the local newspapers, daily newspapers and websites in our circulation areas... all put together.

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SpotLight runs seven magazines covering an area approximately 2,000 square miles. From Inverness in the West to Turriff and Huntly in the East, down to Aviemore & Kingussie in the South. Our total guaranteed circulation is now a massive 90,000 which ‘significantly exceeds’ any other local or daily newspapers.

Spotlight coverage map

Targeted advertising

And the great thing is, you can pick just the area that suits you. That's why we call it SpotLight.

We focus on YOUR community and your advert is seen by locals - that's why it's so effective.


*Reader numbers based on market research undertaken in October 2012