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Elgin, Lossie & District

Elgin Cathedral was, and still is, a magnificent building, worthy of its description as the Lantern of the North. Prince Charles Edward Stuart travelled to Elgin from Inverness in March 1746 and, falling ill with a feverish cold, stayed for 11 days before returning to await the arrival of the King's army.

Elgin is a busy market town that has a wide choice of shops, restaurants and cafes in comparison to many of the smaller towns nearby. In fact it's pedestrianised High Street is quite grand with several 19th century buildings towering over the main square. Due to its importance historically, the town still retains many of its old buildings some of which date from the 13th Century.

Elgin Castle once stood on Lady Hill but little remains of it today. More prominent is the Duke of Gordon Monument on the same hill which towers over the town. Lady Hill is worth the climb for a good panoramic view of Elgin.

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Elgin, Lossie & District