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Aerating your lawn to prevent moss

Has All this Winter’s Rain Turned Your Lawn into Moss ?

You’re not the only one. Moss thrives in cool, damp, shady conditions. We have the ideal climate. If you apply an autumn/winter feed from the garden centre (or GreenThumb), it will likely contain iron, a long established moss control element. Iron dehydrates the existing moss growth, often turning it black as it dies back. In our climate that’s usually not enough on it’s own, and most lawns also need scarified to remove this material, and re-growth of yet more new moss, either by raking, or with a machine. It’s best done either side of Christmas. At any rate, it should be done before Spring, when the grass starts growing again. It’s a pretty traumatic procedure for the grass to tolerate, and not something you want to inflict on any fragile new growth just starting up.

I’ve put in a picture here of the sort of machines we use. You can hire something similar too if you fancy having a go yourself. I think the current hire price is around £50, but you’ve got to do the thing ! We start at £57 to do it for you, although it would be more expensive if you had large lawn. I usually allow a half day, with 2 experienced men with machines and blowers. You wouldn’t believe the haystacks of material that comes up. You have been warned!

For more information about seasonal lawn improvements from just £11.25 per mth, plus useful downloads and photos, go to Although GreenThumb is a national franchise with over 200 branches across the UK, we are locally based in Nairnshire and cover the whole Moray Firth area.

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