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Drew Hendry MP - February 16

As your MP, being accessible to you is a priority for me.

In addition to traditional weekly surgeries I also go on the road with my mobile surgery, after all nobody should be disadvantaged by way of their location. Although these surgeries are always busy, most constituents choose to contact me through email and my website.

At the touch of a button people can let me know about issues affecting them and their communities. Increasingly technology provides a convenient link between me and the constituents I serve, particularly as I have to spend a lot of time in Westminster.

It is a trend across many relationships; be it communications between business and supplier, pupil and teacher or patient and doctors – we are all part of a growing digital economy.

However, as things go ‘Digital by Default’ we must remember that for the 5.9 million who have never used the internet, digital communication isn’t a choice - it’s not even an option.