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Fergus Ewing MSP - January 16

The decision taken to scrap the Carbon Capture and Storage Schemes in Peterhead, and in Yorkshire may become to be seen as one of the most short-sighted ever taken in the UK - ranking alongside such as Dr Beeching's scrapping of the railways, or the slow destruction of our world leading occupational pension regime.

Without taking carbon emissions from coal and gas fired power generation - how can climate change be tackled? And with it what an opportunity to be at the forefront of a new industry, not in true British fashion, at the coos tail? It is never too late to persuade the UK Government to reverse a poor decision; but I fear that a strategic opportunity has been forfeited.

Only a few days before the decision, the Energy Secretary was extolling the virtues of CCS. So plainly the decision was made not by her but by Mr Osborne for political reasons. The worst kind, in my experience.