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Pattaya Elgin

I would like to start off by saying the FOOD IS AMAZING! This colourful Thai restaurant is situated in the Elgin High Street. Many of you have probably never heard or seen this ‘emerald of the east’, as it is tucked away on the east side of town.

My first experience was a lunch with some colleagues of mine. The menu was varied, with quite a large selection. All my colleagues ordered different dishes and all were delighted with their choice.

My second experience was with family, a celebration of sorts and the perfect venue for a special occasion. A Wednesday evening and the restaurant was very busy, a testament to the quality of the food. The food once again was delicious and the service, even although busy was attentive and friendly.

So next time you’re looking for somewhere different for lunch or dinner, pop into Pattaya and enjoy the true taste of Thailand.