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Rocky Road (Gluten Free)


150g butter or sun flour spread 3 x 85g bars of luxury dark chocolate, broken into chunks 3 tbspn golden syrup 60g dried cranberries 60g shelled pistachios 150g chocolate digestives, broken into small pieces 80 pink mini marshmallows (contains cornflour not gluten)


Melt the butter with the chocolate chocolate & syrup over a low heat, stirring until smooth. Put the mini mallows, cranberries, pistachios and broken biscuits, into a bowl. Pour over the melted chocolate and mix well. Spoon into a flat bowl and leave to cool. Line a 20 x 25 tray with baking paper.

NB/ You could create your own version of this favourite fridge cake by adding other gluten-free ingredients, like jelly beans & raisins.