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Parenting Teenagers - getting them (and you!) through

This inspiring event is for parents of teenagers. It will help you feel empowered, encouraged and knowing that the challenges you face are not unique.

The event is taking place at Smithton Free Church on Monday 14th November 2016 at 7.30 pm.

There’s hardly a mum or dad on the face of the earth who, at times, is not overawed by the task of parenting. And it’s the teenage years that can be particularly challenging – especially the struggle to understand and keep up with our children’s physical and emotional changes. At times like this, we often need a bit of encouragement and a reminder that we are not alone.

At Parenting Teenagers – getting them (and you!) through, Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill will look at some of the common issues faced by parents of teenagers, and share insights and ideas gained from their personal experience of working alongside parents for over thirty years.

Join Rob and Katharine as they explore some of the hot topics for parents of teenagers, including: Understanding your teenager, Staying connected, Big pressures….good choices and The testing teenager.

Book your ticket today at or by phoning 029 2081 0800.

Ticket prices start at £4.