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Coastlines in the Highlands of Scotland have become a playground where the extreme sport of Kitesurfing is very much alive. The wind powered surface water sport is a combination of windsurfing, surfing and paragliding that harnesses the power of the wind through a large kite. It is an extremely technical sport relying on the force of the wind and vast sandy beaches. The Highlands of Scotland provide a perfect platform for all year round activity. The attractive seaside towns of Burghead, Lossiemouth, Findhorn, Nairn and Ardersier are frequent gathering places for those who chase the wind. Surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery, fantastic views of the Moray Firth and inquisitive dolphins the award-winning beaches provide an idyllic location and excellent base for Kitesurfing. Local kitesurfer, John Robinson lives and breathes the sport, taking every opportunity to fulfil his passion. The gale force winds, freezing temperatures, sleet and snow become just an illusion as he takes on whatever the elements throw at him. When the wind's up - John is on it!

This is what John has to say: “…my passion is kitesurfing on and around my local beaches where I spend most of my time in a wetsuit rather than clothes! Living in Nairn, or as my daughter Emily likes to call it "Narnia", there is such great potential for kitesurfing in nearly all that Mother Nature likes to throw at us and l will do my utmost to be out in all conditions to get my fix! Kitesurfing in the winter months is a challenge, but I have the right winter gear and small kite set up so the cold is just an illusion as when I am out there it's me against Mother Nature and you got to respect her! I am pretty committed to going out, very often on my own, so my mind set is different to keep me safe and out of trouble should the winter weather throw me a curve ball and turn nasty. I like nothing better than coming in from a freezing session with a snow capped mountain backdrop and saying "that was Epic" then pack up and head home to defrost with a wee highland malt whisky and dream of the next adventure. I have kite surfed quite a few destinations, but nothing beats your local beaches with family and friends, as that makes it a really special place to be“ For more information please call John on 07928 112927