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Drew Hendry MP - August 16


Following the recent EU Referendum, I don't think anyone, regardless of how they voted, will have been reassured by the lack of a plan from the UK Government or by the backtracking of the main leave protagonists.

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Fergus Ewing MSP - July 16


"Oh, and Mr Ewing when coming to meet the First Minister at Bute House - enter by the front door."

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Drew Hendry MP - July 16


It is just over a year since I became your MP and it has certainly been a busy year.

Coincidentlly, this first year anniversary coincided with the opening of my new constituency office. It was heart-warming to see a full cross section of people from across the constituency coming to the official opening. People from all walks of life: businesses, councillors, agencies, schools and citizens joined my team and I.

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Fergus Ewing MSP - March 16


More people in the Highlands make their living through tourism than any other sector.

So, the news that last year the number of visitors - and spending per visitor - to Scotland has risen, is welcome.

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Drew Hendry MP - March 16


Here in the Highlands & Islands we are still paying excessive delivery charges. This has to change and I am committed to working with all interested parties to address this.

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Fergus Ewing MSP - February 16


Scotland has made great progress in tourism. The quality of our accommodation, food and drink and visitor attractions has increased immeasurably.

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Drew Hendry MP - February 16


As your MP, being accessible to you is a priority for me.

In addition to traditional weekly surgeries I also go on the road with my mobile surgery, after all nobody should be disadvantaged by way of their location. Although these surgeries are always busy, most constituents choose to contact me through email and my website.

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Fergus Ewing MSP - January 16


The decision taken to scrap the Carbon Capture and Storage Schemes in Peterhead, and in Yorkshire may become to be seen as one of the most short-sighted ever taken in the UK - ranking alongside such as Dr Beeching's scrapping of the railways, or the slow destruction of our world leading occupational pension regime.

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Drew Hendry MP - January 16


A guid New Year tae ane and a’ - I hope you all had peaceful festivities. I certainly enjoyed the rare opportunity to spend time at home with the family.

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Richard Lochhead MSP - August 2016


Since I wrote my last blog, I’ve been kept busy with summer recess and holding surgeries across Moray.

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Angus Robertson MP - August 16


At this time of year there’s not a week that goes by that there isn’t a Highland Games, a village fete or local festival that is celebrated in communities the length and breadth of Moray.

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Richard Lochhead MSP - July 2016


This is my first Spotlight column since the election and so I’d like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for re-electing me to represent Moray in the Scottish Parliament!

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