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Brodie Bench - Design released at Brodie Castle


On Tuesday, 30 May 2017, Mantilla Home Design donated an original bespoke bench to be placed in the shrubbery at Brodie Castle. In a modern design and constructed from natural materials (Larch) the minimalist bench has been placed in a lovely serene spot to provide for somewhere for visitors to sit, relax, meditate and enjoy the surrounds.

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Should I Put an Autumn Feed on the Grass?


Most folk doing just the basics to keep the grass in reasonable condition will generally think about putting on a feed in the spring, and a feed in the autumn. They are quite different recipes though. A spring feed should mainly feature nitrogen to get it growing again after the winter, and put some colour into the leaf.The autumn feed should contain iron (ferrous sulphate) to control moss growth, and winter nutrients to help the roots through the winter. We use a soluble powder mix to make up a 5 gallon backpack sprayer, which makes for an even application. Many of you will have put down an autumn feed and seen the moss turn brown/black, pretty much overnight. This is caused by the iron in the mix, which dehydrates the top growth of moss, killing it off.

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Aerating your lawn to prevent moss


Has All this Winter’s Rain Turned Your Lawn into Moss ?

You’re not the only one. Moss thrives in cool, damp, shady conditions. We have the ideal climate. If you apply an autumn/winter feed from the garden centre (or GreenThumb), it will likely contain iron, a long established moss control element. Iron dehydrates the existing moss growth, often turning it black as it dies back. In our climate that’s usually not enough on it’s own, and most lawns also need scarified to remove this material, and re-growth of yet more new moss, either by raking, or with a machine. It’s best done either side of Christmas. At any rate, it should be done before Spring, when the grass starts growing again. It’s a pretty traumatic procedure for the grass to tolerate, and not something you want to inflict on any fragile new growth just starting up.

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Who Are GreenThumb in These Parts ?

I’ve been giving Spotlight readers my insights into lawn issues as they present to us each month, for a few years now. I hope they are useful. Although we add around 200 new customers locally each year, I am still amazed how many folk out there have never heard of us. It’s not as if our vans are inconspicuous. Head Office in Wales put lots of ads/articles in the national gardening magazines, they even sponsored pitchside advertising at the last Wales vs Scotland rugby six nations match, watched by millions on the beeb !

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Is your Lawn Now Ready for the Season ?

By “Ready” I mean aerated, and raked or scarified. If so, well done. The ground conditions have been awful this year, right through the mid-winter months. The succession of storms, and heavy rain has meant lots of waterlogging. These conditions are not good for GreenThumb, or indeed anyone trying to get any work done. Very few plants thrive on standing for weeks on end with their feet in cold water ! We have made very slow progress for months now, and have a substantial backlog of preparatory work to catch-up. Easter weekend is early his year too.

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